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reports cards can SMD

yah so this has been the worst week/weekend in a long time.
alright so my mom got my report card && came to get me from kona && it was wayy early so i was lyke 'whattttttt' && on the way home i asked why she got me so early && she gave me my report card && i looked at it && i dont think it was that bad even though i failed math && my gpa is a 1.83 hahaha, well she didnt seem so mad about to but when i got home she told me step dad && thats when the shit hit the fan

so he looked at it && started screaming && yelling at me because he thinks i failed the entire 9th grade when in relatily i only failed math. he doesnt understand that im in 10th grade i just have one 9th grade math class. i dont see whats so hard to see about that. hes been such an asshole about it && bring it up with everything. he groudned me && i was suspposed to hang with matt that night which really upset me that i couldnt see him because i feel lyke were spreading apart

also because of that gay thing && all this other drama thats going on my summer has sucked so far. ive been the biggest emotional roller coster all week

whenever i try to talk to him about the report card && i try to explain to him that i DIDNT FAIL 9TH GRADE he looks off into space && ignores me && that really makes me mad so i start yelling && i get pissed because im sitting there trying to explain to him && hes just being gay so then he gets all mad && yells lyke a gorilla because that is excatly what he looks lyke then my eyes start feeling up with tears && i just get so mad && i lost it.

its the 3rd time in the past 2 days that ive cried infront of him

hes making this huge deal that i didnt try that i just goofed off && skiped that class everyday && now i cant goto see my family. i think that is fucking stupid && not fair at all. he had to get my mom to move down here to florida away from every single family member i have i had to leave everything && come here, i go there everysummer because my mom made a promise to my grandma that id be there every summer && now shes saying she never said that && blahblah, i dont care what anyone thinks i really love my grandma i can tell her anything && even if she doesnt agree with my choices she will stick up for me && is always there i can call her anytime of the day or night && she will try to help me && its just really hard because i only get to see her once a year && now because of my step dad hes making it really slim that i get to. hes making this stupid fucking report card crap so big way bigger then it is. i cant stand it i cant stand him or being around him anymore, he doesnt see thatt this was a really hard year for me, being a freshman does suck for the first couple weeks but then its okeyday but besides that this year was really hard i had a ton of stress that was just retared there was a lot more drama i though it would be behind all of us but no its with us && worse then ever, basicaly my best friend/kid (kyle) moved to ohio which really hurt because he was just the coolest kid ever && we hung out everyday went skating && just always had fun && i lost him && i still miss him everyday, some stupid ass nigga bitch had a hit && run on david && he died. theres a lot more but i dont want to get into anymore, im going to bed

goodnight livejournal
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