skittlydiddlydoo. (rostaskategirl) wrote,

okaee so heres my dramaitic emo entry

i basically dont have a best friend anymore
we bearly talk && havent hung out sience summer
that really hurts on the insdie
going from like sisters && hanging out a lot alot to nothing
yah that really makes my day

the kid that i like likes a fucking shhhult
who gets a new boy toy every fucking week
i swear to god if i see them around eachother im just gonna lose it

everyone is pissed of at me for some unknown reason
&& im tired of everyone saying stuff about me that isnt true && ive never done anything to anyone

im tired of getting lied to, getting blown off and people looking at me like im a complete fool

i dont understand why all the shhulty bitchie fake girls get everything
why there lives are so great && how they have some may friends
what do i have to be a fake bitch to have people love me?

im dont sweat the small stuff
but this is just really gettung to me now && i dont understand why

i guess the saying that good guys finsh last
is really playing a part in my life
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