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well today was just great.just wonderful.

school sucks more && more dick everyday.
i hate a-days, i dont get to see the one kid that i wish i could see anymore hes a senior now, i still like him, i hate a certian asshole ******* i would say his fagish name but i dont need anymore drama. i have enough for the next 20 years.

fletcher high is just one drama story after another.
&& bascially so is everything outsdie of school too.
thanks to an asshole who fucks up everything for me when i dont do shit to him but be nice && try to help him with his gay emo problems.

whatever im done.
i dont want to be nice old caring happyhappy mandie anymore
not right now.

all i want is to finnaly have that roof session with matt. the one we promised over summer && im still waiting for

if all works out ill be happy.
but by the looks of it now, wont be for a while.

okaee well im finshed here
with my emo entry
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