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okaee so i know i havent updated in a while haha but this morning my mom went && got my schedual changed && this is basically what i have

lib arts math-grossberg
personal fit-medlock [im getting out of this though]
algebra 1-olsen
2nd lunch
phychology 1-bridenback

earth/space sci-allen
spanish 1-croom
world history-bennett
1st lunch
english 2-duncan

yay! i get 2 math classes! im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pishh yah right! im gonna fail them both AGIAN!
hahaha well that is my school life which will be apon all of us in like a week, sadly ]:

this summer was okeyday, last year was still my best && favorte summer

well im off to start painting the room im almost done with that but still needs a lot of work on other things

oh happy day livejournal
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