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okaee so its offically 7:48 am!
i got 2 hours of sleep! whoopwhoop!

its okeyday though because chelsea is coming over at 8 sience her dad wouldnt let her stay the night. so shes coming over early so it would be as if she did sleep over.

i cant wait for tommorrow though! or monday or tuesday. damn this week is going by
okaee tommororw is the sqone demo && thats gonna be sweet + i get to see akeem! haha
then afterwords im going to hang with mr mattiepants [: were having our roof night

monday me && brooke are beachin it


i leave on tuesday!

so yepyepyep its a pretty fulled up week but im excited!
hahaha i dont think ive seen myself so happy before
kinda makes you wanna go dance naked on the tables
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