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so i was just informed that by my 2nd report card for this up && coming school year if i am failing any class by a D or F, then im moving down near the kenndy space center.

my fucking step dad has to get my mom to do anything he wants so they both aggreed to this shit and this is gay because i know i can't do that. thats even more pressure because i know that if i fuck up on one thing im gone. im fucking gone.

&& what is really messed up is that my mom made a promise to me that she would never move me away from my friends agian or anything, at least not until i graduite form high school, && now because of a fucking lazy fatass he has turned her mind into something she said she would never do to me.

well i better start hanging with a lot more of my friends because in about 7 months i wont have anything.
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