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last night was one of the best nights ive had in a while. it started out that i didnt think i was gonna be able to see the one person that makes me so happy, but in the end it was a happy ending. okaee so this is how it went. i was at the beach all day && it was just a boreing day so when i got home i looked at my phone because i forgot it && i missed some calls && when i looked i never though id see matt on there so i called him back && he wanted to know if i could hang out so i asked my mom && she was lyke 'no not tonight blahblah' so i told him id call him back. so after that i got my little brother to beg my mom to take him fishing at the beaach with his friend && she said sure so there was my ticket, so i called matt back && told him im going to the beach && he said good we'll meet up. so i got ready && changed outta the bathing suit && we were off to the pier. when we got there i ccalled matt to make sure he was still coming && he said 'he had no way of getting there, no ride but he will try to find one then call me back' so i waited. i was starting to worry because it was around 8 30 && my mom wanted to leave. my brother friend shara had togo pee so i walked around with her to find an open bathroom. hahah took us a while because everything was closed but we finally went to burger king && they had one she could use so it was okeyday. on our way walking back i saw andrew, he was in a car && yelled my name. hahaah, so we get back to the pier && my mom was lyke 'im cold i wanna go home' so i told her to hang on && i was gonna call matt to tell him not to worry about coming down because im leaving, so i called him && he said he was near the pier && stole a bike to get there. haha well i made my mom wait till he got there so i made my brother go fish some more. after about 15 minutes matt calls && asks where i am so i got up to the front of the pier && he comes on his new bike! hahha i was so happy to see him because it didnt seem lyke we were gonna be able to hang out. so my mom went to the car && packed up with my brother && his friend && i talked to matt && he wanted to know if i could stay && hang out so i went to ask && after a battle with the mom she said yes && i got to stay. me && matt went && sat on the wood things trying to think of something todo. it was wife beater central down at the beach. fo realllll. matt came up with a plan, we were going back to his house to watch hostal. i never saw it so we went to watch it. he toed me back to his house && hahaha we were getting stalked by these 2 people on bikes so we ditched them && then stalked them. it was hard because out bike kept makin noises so we couldnt do a sneak attack hahah well we went back to his house in dissapoinment, not rreally. so we get insdie && we couldnt find a movie to watch. he didnt wanna watch hostal anymore so we picked super troopers. haha i love that movie. so we sat on the couch && watched it && played with my dead hair. hahha && with tink! shes a sweetie. my mom called && said she was on her way just when we were starting to get comphy, so we got up && went outside. i didnt wanna leave yet so we went on his roof! hahaha i think that was my favorite part of the night. that && getting down =]]
well the roof part sure did make my night =] i dont think ive seen myself so happy.
well im off to get some new shoes
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