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Spring Fling

today was kona's spring fling. it was saweetsaweet. met up with andrew && watched the 8-12 division. did some skating then saw andy,dillion,nolan,nolan g,my jeffy boy,zach,mike,steve,matt,nick && some other kids. it was coolcoolcool! a lot of kids kickfliped or trefliped the step up. i saw lyke everyother kid try it, some landed && rode away while others ate shitt. me && andrew got FARMERS TANS! hahaha yes! during the 13-15 division carly && brittany came! it was coolcool. jeff was acting differently. lyke, i cant really describe the way he was but it just wanst him. we sat at te bleachers in front of chelsea lau's mom [i think that was who it was] && carly && me saw a really hawt kid && he had tigher then tight pants on. it was lyke someone spray painited the on him. hahahaha. i had to leave early because nish is a fagget so i didn't get to see the sponcered division, that pissed me off, thats all i wanted to see anyway.

i cant wait till the halloween am jam. ill be compeating in this contest.!
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